April 25: National Library Workers Day

April 25: National Library Workers Day

Mia Roldan

April 25 is National Library workers day. On this day, Cleveland will celebrate our own library staff, especially our very own librarians — Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Womble. 

Our librarians do more than just check books in and out of the library. Librarians assist the entire school with books and technology. But their work goes beyond the Cleveland library, they reach out to district office workers and the community. 

We asked our librarians a few questions:

What made you decide to become a librarian?

Mrs. Wright: “I’ve always wanted to become a librarian…  In college undergrad my work study was in the library, I got my undergrad in English. I taught English for maybe 13 years before I got my master’s in library science.”

Mrs. Womble: “I was an ELA teacher, for high school. One of my mentors at high school was an amazing person, she encouraged me. About 10 years later I went back to school and got my master’s degree.”

What is the most rewarding part about being a librarian?

Mrs. Wright: “I can accommodate the entire school. I’m not in the classroom, it’s not just me in it, the students, you know? When you’re a librarian you can accommodate the teachers, the students, admin. People outside of the school, the community. That’s what I like about it.” 

Mrs. Womble: “Definitely the people. Every day is different, there’s never a dull moment in here. I meet people from all walks of life, which I enjoy very much.” 

If you could say anything to people who want to become library workers or librarians, what would you say?

Mrs. Wright: “If you’re a person who likes to help others then you definitely want to look into being a librarian. You might want to get your undergrad in something like English or journalism, something like that to segue into. Most librarians are lovers of learning.”

Mrs. Womble: “Read! Just read! And love people and have a good spirit, want to be helpful. In the library thats ultimately what you’re doing, assisting patrons. You don’t have to know everything, but guide people to finding the answers”

Library workers are a large part of the functionality here at Cleveland High School. Let your library workers and librarians know how much you appreciate them this week!