Cool Beans: Lima Bean Respect Day is On 4/20


When’s the last time you sat down and really thought about the vegetables on your plate? Here’s your chance: April 20, 2023 is Lima Bean Respect Day. Although the origins of Lima Bean Respect Day are unknown, the unofficial holiday commemorates the tiny beans and all that they have to offer- which is a lot! 

Lima beans are considered a “superfood” by many nutritionists, putting them on the same health level of blueberries, salmon, and spinach. They are great sources of protein, fiber, and iron- In fact, one cup of cooked lima beans (as you cannot, as with most beans, eat them raw) will give you about a quarter of your daily recommended iron intake! They are also very rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C.

Aside from being nutritious, lima beans have a lot of interesting lore behind them. The capital of Peru is called Lima, and although it’s pronounced differently from the vegetable, lima bean-filled shipping crates labeled “Lima, Peru” are what eventually gave the butter beans their name. They were cultivated even before corn!

If there are any worldwide celebrations for this special day, they’re not widely reported. Lima Bean Respect Day may be obscure and on-the-low, but perhaps you will now be inspired to celebrate by spooning a mouthful of the creamy, fibrous legumes!