National Hug a Newsperson Day

National Hug a Newsperson Day

Whenever watching the news, are there times when you feel like the person talking deserves a hug? Every day they go out and cover devastating, heartbreaking news just for us–the audience–to get all the information we need to be safe. On April 4, you can celebrate them with National Hug a Newsperson Day. Without them, people who do not have access to phones or anything would not have any clue about what the weather would be like for a specific day and so much more. We should appreciate the writers and anchors more for how much they do.

Why is ‘National Hug a Newsperson’ Important?

Hug a Newsperson day was formerly known as “National Embracing a Messenger Day.” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the news is a word known to describe people who would work hard over the years to ensure that their news was kept accessible to everyone regardless of location in the world.

It is important to be on top of the news. However, it is hard to be on top of the news all the time. That’s why our messengers are so important. They make us look forward to reading articles and being entertained while watching them on our screens every week and sometimes even every day. They all deserve the biggest hug in the world. There are days when they would have to wake up between 2-5 a.m. to just show us the roads or the weather outside. These individuals sacrifice their free time so were able to stay up to date on everything that’s happening around us. Lastly, they have to put their personal opinions aside and cover the news objectively. This career takes a lot of maturity and mental strength from an individual.

You can celebrate this day by posting on social media, visiting a news station and even just talking to someone about how important journalists are in the world. Remember, be appreciative of the little things, and know a hug can brighten anyone’s day.