The CvHS Scribe Official TikTok

The CvHS Scribe Official TikTok

For the first time, the CvHS Scribe has its very own TikTok. 

Big, new things are happening for the Scribe this year. The Scribe socials have seen effective reform over these past weeks — the biggest? TikTok. 

The Scribe’s TikTok has existed since last year, but thanks to the creative genius of Adrain Medina, it’s finally taking off. The 10 to 60-second clips feature various Scribe students and special guests. TiKToks range from skits to student interviews. 

Our social media managers, Adrian Medina and Trey Cameron take pride in what they create, and rightly so. They both dedicate themselves to this alternate form of journalism and get other Scribe members involved as well. We asked Adrain what he thinks about TikTok. He says, “I think about TikTok before I go to sleep. I think about what we’re shooting the next day.” 

When asked what he felt about the Scribe’s TikTok, Trey replied “literally the best thing since mankind.” And we agree, it might just be the best thing since mankind. 

The Scribe TikTok often features other Scribe students. Who’s appeared in more TikToks than any other Scribe member? Our very own Casey Held. We asked him how he felt about starring in our videos. “Oh, it’s great. It’s a great opportunity to really express myself.” 

Our writers and editors are working diligently to create even more outstanding content for student enjoyment.