Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez Drama


Brooklynne Sahr

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber drama has always been intense, since Selena Gomez had a past relationship with her former ex Justin Bieber. The drama started in January when Selena Gomez posted a picture from her vacation in Cabo, after which she got a lot of hate with body shaming. Around that time, Hailey posted a TikTok with Kendall Jenner and a friend that was towards Selena (without tagging her) to a TikTok sound that said,  “…but not saying she deserved it but God’s timing is always right.” Hailey deleted the TikTok once it got some bad backlash since Selena fans noticed they were body shaming Selena. Selena found a recap of the video on TikTok and said, “It’s ok, I don’t let these things get me down, be nice to everyone.”

Selena Gomez recently posted a TikTok using a Bella Hadid sound, captioning that she wouldn’t be as pretty as the model Bella Hadid. Selena was showing her eyebrows in the TikTok, claiming that Bella Hadid always does her eyebrows really well. Hailey then posted a picture of Kylie Jenner showing her eyebrow to make fun of Gomez. Even though Kylie said that she “didn’t even know Selena posted that video on TikTok,” Selena Gomez fans are not happy with the “mean girl” trend going on with Hailey and Kylie.

To take all of the drama away, fans have found a rabbit hole where Hailey Bieber has been stalking Selena Gomez. When Selena Gomez checked herself into rehab, Hailey decided to go and do a drive by Selena’s home with her pastor’s wife, while Justin Bieber was with his pastor praying for Selena’s recovery. Hailey has a talent for taking Selena’s moments by making them her own. For example, Twitter account @Popaction put a thread together from 2021 when Selena Gomez released her album and Hailey seemingly tried to ruin her moment. There is information on the situation because Instagram account @Deuxmoi posted a bunch of receipts, where supposedly Hailey Bieber’s stylist was trying to coordinate an effort to ruin Selena’s dinner on her release on her album, by having Hailey show up and dress really nicely, supposedly to stunt on Selena’s moment. Hailey Bieber wasn’t alone- Madison Beer showed up with her. Both of the girls left upset and went out the back door, so as to not be noticed, but paparazzi found them leaving.

There have been more scandals where Hailey still copies Selena and there is proof of it. Selena Gomez got a ring with a F on it, then Hailey got a tattoo of a F; Selena does a cooking show in August of 2022 then a little later Hailey then does a cooking show on YouTube; There was an interview with Selena Gomez in which she was asked, “What’s the one thing you wish people knew about you?” She responded, “I wanted it to be my heart.” Hailey then said on the Jimmy Fallon Show, “It’s just hard because I always felt like, before Season came out, I always battled with the idea that people didn’t really know me. They didn’t know who I was, They didn’t know Hailey for Hailey. I just always have this consistent battle where I was saying, ‘I wish people just knew my heart.'” There are many more coping scandals with Hailey Bieber.

A lot of celebrities have unfollowed Hailey because of the “mean girl era” she seems to be in. Miley Cyrus is one celebrity that won’t tolerate Hailey’s mean girl drama. Miley allegedly made Kendall Jenner cry after the Versace fashion show because she was the one in the TikTok with Hailey from the start that was being mean to Selena. Miley and Kendall already have bad blood history with each other from the past, where Miley unfollowed all the celebrities that went to Kendall’s Birthday party back in 2020. During the Oscars afterparty, Miley Cyrus reportedly confronted Kendall by calling her an insulting word and making her cry, and Kendall and Kylie ignored Hailey. Selena also posted a recent photo and tagged Miley with her song in the caption, which was “Tonight we’ll just be wrong, ain’t done this in so long.” The drama will continue until Hailey stops being a mean girl and jealous of Selena with her past history with Justin Bieber.