14 Year-Old Blocked By Grandmother After She Comments “So real” on Suicidal Post


Makenzie Matthews-Beard

Agnes Flemingway was devastated Tuesday morning when her granddaughter responded to her borderline suicidal Facebook post, which was posted in the midst of a menopausal-like state, with the blunt, simple words “So real.”

Flemingway reportedly drew her hand to her heart with a gasp when she saw the comment, having never realized her granddaughter, who is under the online alias “xxanimeloverxx,” was feeling the same way.

The 86-year old Kentucky resident thought about phoning her daughter Lacey to make her aware of the alarming comment, but figured she’d likely be at the bar dancing with a dad who owes somebody child support.

Flemingway then realized she didn’t actually care that much. Instead, she talked to her 26 year-old nephew Ricky- who is currently financially reliant on her social security- and came to the conclusion she should block her audacious granddaughter until she learns a lesson. Ricky had to help her do so, however, as she’d nearly deactivated her account when she tried to do it herself.

Hopefully next time the 8th grader will learn to bottle up her feelings rather than steal the attention from her poor, frail grandmother.