Our school has moved towards tougher rules on phones. Why?


Mikayla Autry

As students entered their second semester, Cleveland High School began cracking down on issues concerning phone use. 

Throughout the school, teachers were given the option to collect phones and store them in lock boxes. Students would have to do so each day and phones would be passed back at the end of class. 

Because of these new rules, new reactions and perspectives were discussed on this topic. 

Niyanni Wingate, a Junior here at Cleveland High School shares her opinion. 

How have the new phone rules affected your overall learning experience? 

“I feel like I’ve been more obligated to focus in class.” 

What was your reaction when you learned of the new rules this semester?

“I was astonished because this school has been kind enough to let us use our phones in the past. There were no previous restrictions so it was a shock to me.”

Have your academics been affected by this change? 

“My grades have improved since the new phone rule, and I have noticed a new drive and need to learn in my classes without the use of technology.”

We then explored the other side of this issue and received feedback from a staff member who participates in the phone ban. 

Catherine Daughtry, a counseling and mental health teacher at Cleveland High provides us with insight. 

Have you seen a positive or negative change in students since the phone rule? 

I’ve seen a positive change in my classes because when they aren’t on their phones they pay attention 

Overall opinion on the issue.

“I think it’s hard when you have students who are so reliant on their phones, and there seems to be an addiction. I think students are more worried about what’s going on in the outside world rather than what goes on in the classrooms. So I feel that when they are focused and we take away those phones, it helps the students to pay more attention. Also, students are more relaxed and open to answering questions.” 

How have academics changed since the ban? 

“I see more work being turned in on time, and I see that as a positive. I do understand the negative side from the student standpoint and also when things come up, especially in the past couple of days. I have relaxed a little bit on the phone ban to keep the students comfortable.”