Researcher Determines that Gaslighting is not Real – You’re Just Crazy

Researcher Determines that Gaslighting is not Real - Youre Just Crazy

Brett Lampley

    According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Gaslighting” was the most popular word of 2022. If you somehow have not heard this word used before, it refers to the intentional action of manipulating a person. This can be in reference to conversations and relationships, or even people on the internet convincing others of false information.

     Now, researchers have determined that the conceptual idea of “Gaslighting”  is NOT real, and is an internet spoof which holds no merit. Psychiatrist Stephenson Nolastname cites that “There are many complications in the human mind, and none of which are impacted by gaslighting.” Nolastname believes that the term should be discouraged in the modern day popularity it has acquired. This has sparked controversy, as many podcast hosts and mental health experts are re-adjusting their approach to the topic of “Gaslighting.” Popular podcast host Shmoe Jogan even presents a stance that “People who believe in gaslighting are crazy, it never has existed.” Jogan also goes out to state that “Gaslighting is a political weapon, only used by people who want to defy the truth” While this opinion is rather radical, it does have heads turning.

     Of course, there’s no way to remove the concept of a word from existence, but now mental health experts globally are changing their minds over the issue. There’s no telling what may happen next, but it seems like gaslighting may have lost its meaning, and it may have never existed.