Manchester City and their Financial Dilemma

Manchester City and their Financial Dilemma

Casey Held

In today’s game, big spending has become a standard practice throughout the entire sport. Unsurprisingly, there are rules and regulations that every team must follow in order to keep the game as fair as possible. Most teams follow these rules, and are aware of what they can and cannot do. However, some teams try to push the limits. Many are not caught. This is seemingly not the case for reigning Premier League champions Manchester City.

What has Manchester City actually been accused of?

Manchester City have officially been accused of over 100 counts of financial rule breaking across the span of nine seasons, spanning from the 09/10 to the 17/18 season. Most of these counts come from inaccurate financial records for their players and staff. For example, the club might tell the Premier League they’re paying a player “x” amount of money but in reality, are paying that player “2x.” This means that the players are aware of the large salaries they are receiving, but the league is not. This is one way that Manchester City can draw players in, or at least encourage the players to join them instead of other clubs who might be interested. 

What does this mean for Manchester City?

If Manchester City are proved guilty of what they are being accused of, this could mean major trouble for the reigning Premier League champions. Although we have never seen something like this before, the Premier League rulebook does state that there are punishments that can and shall be issued to the offender.

What are the possible punishments that Manchester City can face?

There are a wide variety of punishments, obviously some more severe than others. On the tame side, they could receive a hefty fine. However, for a club as wealthy as Manchester City, this would certainly be their preferred option. Another option would be a points deduction, which we’ve seen implemented in the Italian league, as Juventus were deducted 15 points for their financial irresponsibility around a month ago. This would be a massive blow for Manchester City, as their title race with Arsenal rages on, as the Cityzens look to defend their Premier League title. Undoubtedly the worst possible penalty that City could face though is instant relegation from the Premier League. Although the most unlikely of the possible punishments that could be doled out, it is a possibility that Manchester City could face a punishment as severe as relegation from the first division and potentially to even as low as the fourth tier of English professional soccer.

It is not likely that this case will be resolved anytime in the near future. Realistically, we’ll have to wait at least a year before the final statements are held to determine what penalty Manchester City will face, if any. I advise anyone interested to stay posted for any news we may receive down the line because for now, much like Man City, all we can do is wait.