Who Knew? Eleven Has A Padawan Braid Back There


Makenzie Matthews-Beard, Editor-in-Chief

Holy Cow! It turns out that Stranger Things’ leading heroine Eleven is not actually completely bald- she, rather unexpectedly, has a padawan braid clinging to life from her hair follicles. 

Fans of the show might be shocked to learn that Jane Hopper’s Shiny Bald Head was but a facade. We gotta tell it to ya: The Kid, She Ain’t Bald. Makeup artists working on the show have claimed Millie Bobby Brown uses copious amounts of hair gel and rubber bands to get her Star Wars style padawan braid just right for shooting day.

Most viewers haven’t spotted it yet, but the Worm On A String-like chunk of hair can be seen in Episode 6 of the third season at minute 6:07 exactly. It almost seems like a trick of the light at first, but if you study it closely enough, you will see a small flicker of brown matter swishing from the side of her smooth, empty head. How did the producers let that one slip?

We decided to interview a forty-seven year old employee of Arnie’s Burger Shack in Wisconsin about his thoughts on the matter. 

“Listen, man, I don’t know why you’re comin’ into my rest’runt askin’ ‘bout some half-baked twelve ye’r ‘ol baldie from sum washed-up chilren’s tellyvision show, but I recommend you get your Oversized Flap’N Jack Triple Mega Stack Attack Cheese Burger Supreme n ‘yer napkin and get outta here ‘fore I call the Men ‘N Blue.”

Okay, yeesh.