Showcasing Cleveland’s Clubs – Photo Gallery


Makenzie Matthews-Beard and Mia Roldan

Here at Cleveland High School, we have a diverse population of students with varying interests and passions- whether it be in the arts, humanities, sports, or STEM studies, you can almost guarantee that our school has a club for it! For the first full week of our second semester, we spent our RamTimes talking to the members and leaders of some of these clubs.

On Wednesday, we headed straight to Drone Club during RamTime A, where the bustling, navy-blue wearing kids were preparing to take their group photo at the front of the school. We were greeted with awkward smiles (why are these kids shoving a camera in my face?) and friendly welcomes. 

The club is a new one to Cleveland, started by Jeremy Luz this year. “My favorite part is learning…from the mistakes I make and everything,” he tells us. 

Another member, Communications Officer Caslande Smith, says that she got to fly a drone for the first time in the club. “That right there was memorable, because first of all, who wouldn’t want to do that?” 

Caleb Langley, another Drone Club member, adds, “We haven’t really done anything yet, so… There’s not much to say about that. It’s fun, it’s pretty fun.” When asked his most memorable moment? “Today, because I didn’t bring my shirt when I needed it,” he laughs. 

Drone club taking their photo!A few drone club students... chillin'.

The CTE classroom in which the Drone Club meets!Drone Club flying their drone for the group picture!

Next lunch, we went to Ms. Locklear’s room for the Art Club, where the leaders announced today’s craft: Valentine’s Day boxes! Eager creatives watched as the president explained the process of wrapping the box in paper and decorating it for the next week’s card exchange. While they got busy with the craft, we talked to them about the club. 

The Vice President, senior Bryson Elliot, was eager for the day’s activities. “Other than making art, my favorite part is seeing how people grow… out of their comfort zone and kind of make new friends.” He also says that his motivation to join the club was because although he wasn’t great at it, he loves art and was willing to grow his skills. 

Mr. Borum, Cleveland’s third art teacher, says his favorite part about being in the Art Club is “seeing everybody create such amazing creations.” 

Senior Theo Perez says, “My best art club memory would be, um, going out on the parade and just having bubbles and throwing candy at children.” They also expressed their appreciation in having a club where everybody can share a common interest- that is, of course, art. 

Ms. Locklear's room, where Art Club meets every Wednesday. A happy group of students making their Valentine's Day Boxes.

Our last stop for Wednesday was Yarn Club, run by none other than Ms. Standley! Happy faces pulled out balls of yarn and sat with their friends, filling up the colorful, vibrant room with even more decor: that is, conversation!

Jesenia Puente, when asked about her favorite part about the Yarn Club, answered “the freedom.”

The Vice President, Alise Thompson, joined the club because she liked the stuff that they had on display. Her favorite memory was “last year, because it was just fun going around trying to find people because I got lost during the Fiber Festival.” The Fiber Festival was a field trip taken by the club the year prior- To the members’ demise, this year’s field trip was not possible due to financial reasons.

“I love getting together every week with all my other members and having fun knitting, crocheting, and crafting together,” said the club’s webmaster, Jirahgon Voyles. “My friends highly recommend it, and now I highly recommend it for others!”

WebMaster Jirahgon Voyles holds up "her" creation. Paper flowers!

Andrew Holmes and Margaret Cvitkovich Margaret Cvitkovich and her fine art.

The next day, a Thursday, we went to Writing Club- a welcoming environment full of aspiring writers. Margaret Cvitkovich, the Vice President of the Writing Club, was delighted to be interviewed. 

She said, “I hate writing, but Mia gave me an opportunity and I don’t see why not.” 

Shelby Kellerhals chases her writing dreams.

Writing prompts oA group of students plays GeoGussr: A club tradition.

Reading Club, which meets on Friday during RTA, is simply a club where students can come to read in peace and quiet. It was revived this year after having been inactive for some time. Upon entering, we noticed the peaceful vibe, with focused bookworms. 

Max Waring, a junior, loves going for the tranquil environment. “It’s always calm.” 

Our last stop of the day was Project Emotional Wellness, a club where students can prioritize their mental health and help others manage theirs. It was a small group, but seemed so welcoming and safe.

We spoke to club member Audrey Tart about why she chose to join the club.  “I kind of helped start the club… we wanted to spread awareness, especially in schools where it’s not talked about enough.”

The Student Council is an organization that helps organize school events, especially things such as holiday celebrations and fundraisers. The day we visited them, Cleveland High was hosting JoCo StuCo, a meeting between various student council branches from Johnston County high schools. When we walked in, kids were laughing together and enjoying sandwich meals from Subway. 

Andrew Holmes, a member of the executive branch, says his favorite part of student council is “the snacks they bring for us… like, I’m eating a cookie right now.” He joined Student Council because he believed he wasn’t involved enough in school. 

We asked Talan Brown what his favorite part of the experience is. “Being a part of the events that we plan,” he replied. 

Ashlynn Davis, another member, was excited about the activities going on that Friday. “I’ve had fun today. We’ve had a lot of like, friendship building activities. We had to build an elephant in ten minutes- we had to, like, make sure it stood on its feet.”  

Friends Jirahgon Voyles and Hyleigh O’Neal were all smiles after their Subway cuisine. “My favorite part about being in student council is meeting diverse groups of people and getting to plan fun school events for everyone,” Jihragon says. “I like being in executive student council because I can work with different grade levels,” Hyleigh added. 

Cleveland’s clubs not only explore possible career paths, but also give students a chance to express their interests, gain experience in certain fields, and connect with those around them to build a sense of community. Remember, clubs are always looking for enthusiastic new members. Never be afraid to try something new: It might change your life!


(Clubs featured are certainly not all of the ones availiable! See this slideshow for more options- )