Let’s Celebrate Counselors Week!


This week, we will celebrate the hard work and dedication that school counselors give to their students.


Here at Cleveland Highschool, we’ll thank Ms. Pardue, Ms. Gillis, Ms. Treleven, Ms. Barnhart and Mr. Sweat for their devotion to bettering our students’ lives. School counselors guide students throughout their school journeys, maximize student success and advocate for their students. 


This profession is a challenging one, but for most counselors, it’s rewarding work. Our very own Ms. Treleven says that she became a school counselor because she “really wanted to help students be successful in school and have the resources they need to continue in education or career after high school. I hope for students to enjoy their high school experience overall so it is rewarding to me to be a part of it.“  


Many students don’t turn to their counselors for help, but our school counselors are there to help students, even if they don’t know it. When asked how Ms. Barnhart makes an impact on her students’ lives, she said “I make an impact on my students’ lives because I advocate for them even when they do not know that I am.”  


Some students may shy away from meeting with their counselors, perhaps out of fear of not having a large enough problem. Counselors’ doors are always open, they can come to me for anything, big or small,” says Ms. Gillis.


Cleveland High School students were sent a Padlet link in their emails, where they’re able to leave a kind note for their counselors. One commenter said, “We appreciate your selflessness and dedication to making an impact on students’ lives, needs, and goals.” Some students showed extra appreciation for their own counselors; one student left a note for Mrs. Pardue, saying “I value the kindness and support that you give to all your students! I wouldn’t be a successful student without your help and guidance!!”


You can click on the Padlet link and leave a few kind words for your counselor too! Don’t know your counselor? Counselors are assigned to students by the last name: 

Sarah Barnhart: A-De

Ken Sweat: Di-H

Juliana Treleven: I-Mi

Amanda Pardue: Mo-Sa

Melanie Gillis: Sc-Z


Photo retrieved from Ms. Gillis’ Instagram page.