A Review of “SOS” by SZA

A Review of SOS by SZA

After a 5 year hiatus, SZA releases her second studio album, “SOS” (released December 9, 2022). It’s a compilation of different genres of music. But, it also shows her going out of her comfort zone and stemming out to things that interest her musically. “SOS” is also about SZA stripping herself of a toxic love/relationship. 

I listened to it the day it was released, and I was a little on the fence if it was a good album or not. But, the more I started listening to the album, the more I began to enjoy her songs and the meanings behind them. Even the most popular song on the “SOS” album – “Kill Bill,” can’t be overplayed. 

Each song seems to showcase a different emotion or stages of getting over a toxic relationship. It helps the flow of the album and the flow of each song. I definitely think this is a step from her debut album “Ctrl” and would love to see her branch out again in future albums.

My favorite song from this album has to be “Love Language.” I love the way it flows into the next song (“Blind”), and it’s like she’s singing to someone. It’s her trying to understand how that person shows love, and how that person is kind of pushing her off. I don’t have a least favorite song on this album. I love the meaning of each song and how they connect. I also love the people who are featured on this album. I think that their talents really shined through in the songs they were featured in.