Cleveland High School’s Leadership and Ethics Class Teaches Students to Lead

Have you ever wanted to practice leadership and ethics as high school student?  Ms. Melissa Pearce teaches a class on leadership and ethics at Cleveland High School.

Ms. Pearce is teaching high school students how to think ethically, what an effect leader is, and how to express their opinions.

In the leadership and ethics class, there is a weekly ethical question, which challenges students to think ethically. One of the questions is the School dress code – Is it fair? Outdated? When are dress codes needed? Who decides what is appropriate for different dress codes? What things should be considered when creating and enforcing a dress code? An anonymous student stated, “No, it is not fair. Girls should be able to go to school in what they want because it is not distracting as long as you’re covered.” 

Students are tested on their leadership skills by creating a team builder that challenges students to work hard and lead one another. Some team builders consist of scavenger hunts, selfie races, and kickball.

Students also participate in projects that challenge them to step out of their comfort zone.  Students did a painting which made them have the courage to just go for it.  They also participated in the Red Paperclip Trade where students started with a paperclip and traded up to something bigger or of more value, which made students use communication skills, and think hard about whether they are making a smart trade.

The leadership and ethics class is an excellent class.  Students work hard and have lots of fun.

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