What are CvHS students wearing this fall?

Fall is upon us! This means clothing styles shift as the weather cools. People are looking for more practical outfits to stay warm and fashionable. Newspaper “Old Gold and Black” compliments pieces like baggy jeans, crewnecks sweatshirts, cable-knit sweaters, turtlenecks and loafers. Also items such as jumpsuits and lots of animal print as well as statement coats for the chillier weather coming in this fall season! Designers like Prada, Chloe, and Bottega Veneta all featured white tanks shining all on their own for the fall 2022 season. Take advantage of leather pants and maxi skirts. They are great transitional pieces.

While these designers and newspapers have great advice on pieces to wear this fall, we want to see what students around CvHS think about fashion this fall and what they will be wearing.

Q: “What are you wearing this fall?”

A: “I wear a lot of flannels and jeans and J’s, and sometimes Tims. That’s about it. Sometimes sweatpants. I wore a sweater the other day, but it doesn’t really count because that’s the first time I’ve worn one since I was six. But I feel like flannels are just fall.” – Jordan Chadwick

A: “If I wasn’t lazy, I love the trendy baggy pants and tiny top look. I love a long sleeve cropped skirt, very form fitting. Think Skims. Also, as it gets chilly I love a puffer. Ugg slippers, too. I wear them so much.”-Brenna Dodson

A: “Cardigans, mom jeans, turtle neck sweaters.” -Emma Smith

A: “A lot of flair legging like yoga pants in the fall, especially because you get to wear comfortable leggings, but it’s also cute. I love a black fit for the fall. I love my Uggs, but I don’t wear them as much because it hasn’t gotten very chilly yet.”-Sara Hamman

A: “Shorts and a sweatshirt.”- Seth Pennica

A:” I like a good jacket. I love my white converse, that’s my go-to shoe because they go with everything. My outfits are always very colorful. Jean skirts, I love me a good skirt. Any kind of flashy earrings. I love earrings. Claw clips are a go-to because I can’t braid.” – Lacey Morris

Seth Pennica
(Scribe/Lacey Morris)
Lacey Morris
(Scribe/Kylie Head)
Lacey Morris
(Scribe/Kylie Head)
Jordan Chadwick (Scribe/Lacey Morris)
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