How are the Flu, RSV, Covid, and other illnesses affecting students and their schools?

Over the past couple of months, students have been getting sick with the flu, Covid, and even RSV. Because so many students are catching these illnesses, and having to stay home, schools around the country are closing down. 

Students in school are catching and spreading these illnesses like wildfire to the point where staff members at schools have to call in sick. 

This can affect schools on how they run. Schools are losing teachers and staff members to teach and manage the school. Thus, leading to schools having to close down for a couple of days to even weeks at a time. “An elementary school and a middle school in the Stanly County School system in North Carolina closed for a few days this week due to respiratory illnesses, according to the district’s Facebook page.”

Students are having to try and make up work from home because they can’t go to school. This is an issue because they are missing days from school and learning. Now that they don’t have teachers to help them, they have to go to other resources to help them complete their work on time.

According to K-12 Dive, “Children ages birth through 17 had a RSV hospitalization rate of 8.7 per 100,000 people, compared to 2.2 per 100,000 for overall hospitalizations for the week ending Oct. 15. By the end of last week, the rate had declined to 5.3 per 100,000 people, but it was still higher than the overall rate of 1.4.”

The situation going on around the country right now reminds me so much of 2020 when the entire world basically went on shut down because of the Coronavirus. It almost seems like every year there is some new sort of virus or flu going around that will cause some problems for our communities. The best way to try and keep the spread from going around is to make sure you wash your hands, educate students and staff on the problem, and talk to local health departments for the best way to make sure you are the safest you can be when it comes to the Flu, RSV, Covid, and other illnesses. 

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