What is Daylight Saving Time and Do We Really Need it? I think so.

Do you think daylight savings time is needed? Well, I do. For the people who do not know, on Daylight Saving Time, the clocks are changed to maximize the amount of sunlight you have in a day. In fall you would set the clock back an hour, and in spring, put it forward an hour to save about an hour of sunlight in your day.

Personally, I think having an extra hour of sunlight is awesome and can be very helpful, especially to people who work late. After a long day of work some people like to go out with their friends and family, but if it is dark, they are limited in what they can do. Also, many parents like to come home and spend time with their children, but they can’t do much while the sun is down. Also I feel most parents wouldn’t feel safe with their kids playing in the dark, especially if they live on a busy street.

According to ProCon.org, “Daylight savings time promotes and helps people live an active lifestyle. With a longer period of sunlight an additional 3 percent of people engaged in outdoor activities would have been indoors without it.” This may sound like a small number, but when looking at all the people in the world the number suddenly seems a lot bigger than you thought.

Another reason is, believe it or not, crime rates drop. Ahs.com says, “robbery rates after daylight savings time drop by 7 percent and it drops 27 percent during the light-filled hour that did not exist before daylight savings time.” 

You can make an argument that we do not need Daylight Savings Time, but when looking at it, the good outweighs the bad.  




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