Are We Celebrating Christmas Too Early?

As the fall and winter months creep upon our calendars, children and adults everywhere begin to feel a strong sense of Christmas spirit. Some get the urge to decorate their homes top to bottom during the month of November, while some wait just weeks before December 25th. To some, getting into the Christmas spirit too ‘early’ can really strike a nerve.

The Christmas season stands as an exciting and happy era that brings endless smiles to the faces of the young and old. Families are brought together and new memories are created. The earlier Christmas is celebrated, the faster the blissful holiday feelings arrive, generating  a great motive to begin decorating much earlier than one may enjoy.

“I see nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas a little early. My family already has the trees up and decorated,” said Abigale Locklear, a fellow junior at Cleveland High School. In fact, many families begin decorating just days before Thanksgiving.

Buying Christmas presents and placing stamps on Christmas cards seemingly brings joy and cheer into this world that sometimes thirsts for this emotion. The end of the year brings anxious thoughts, and it is essential to begin the new year with a fresh mindset and overall good feelings. Celebrating Christmas provides the perfect chance to unwind and be with family and friends while preparing for the brand new year ahead.

The Christmas season provides us with happiness and cheer while teaching us valuable lessons as well. Generosity and thankfulness are traits which put this holiday in motion. By prolonging the celebration just by a few days,  children and families begin to feel the real reason for the season.

Celebrating Christmas early simply makes some people feel more organized and stress free. Beginning the season early can make a busy Christmas schedule easier while blessing people with more time to enjoy the festivities.

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