2022 Cleveland Spirit Week Allows Students to Show Off School Spirit

This year, Cleveland High School’s spirit week was the first “normal” one since the COVID-19 Pandemic. For many students, this is their first spirit week at Cleveland High. 

Daniel, a freshman, enjoyed spirit week because he felt like it added to school spirit. 

Favorite day: Decades day for the costumes and seeing what everyone wore. 

Why take part?: Everyone’s doing it and that its fun. 

Why do you think more students are taking part?: Everyone’s doing it, so might as well join in. 

Arianna, Mimi, and Kendyll, a group of friends, said that Spirit week could be good, could be bad.

Favorite day: Wear Pink. It’s all of their favorite color. 

Why take part?: For showing your school spirit. 

Why are more students taking part?: The school’s sports teams are doing good, so more people care. 

Hayden, volunteer interviewee, thinks that spirit week is cool, interesting overall

Favorite day: Adam Sandler day, favorite actor. 

Why take part?: Hasn’t taken part in it 

Why are more students taking part?: Show your true colors and be who you want to be.

Cleveland spirit week brought a familiar sense of stability after the three years of the COVID-19 Pandemic, allowing both new and old students to be able to show their school spirit and support. 

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