Migrants Being Moved Prompts Questions

Migrants from Texas and Florida have been sent to New York, Washington, DC, and Massachusetts on buses and planes. Since spring, almost 10,000 migrants have been transported from Texas on buses sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Both Texas and Florida’s governors want to challenge President Biden’s border policies, to get the border policies changed so migrants can live free. Migrants are being transported around the United States, and being held at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Critics of Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis say the flights the migrants are going on are inhuman and a political stunt. DeSantis also said Florida will have a program to send migrants to sanctuary cities, which CBS News describes as policies “which limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.” Texas wants to shut the operation down, as Governor Greg Abbott has put four million dollars into the construction of the border to keep migrants out.

All of the cities where migrants have been sent have been able to take them in, at least in the short-term. CBS News reports NY, Chicago, and Washington, DC, are using nonprofit groups to help find food and shelter for migrants. Martha’s Vineyard has had a harder time housing and supporting the migrants.

At Martha’s vineyard, an island near the coast of Massachusetts. The migrants were moved to a church shelter where they have everything they need for now.

Opinions are divided over these actions. Politico reported, “The Florida governor’s move sparked local and state emergency responses in Massachusetts and accusations from Democrats that Republicans are politicizing immigration without recognizing the harm their moves are causing migrant families.” On the other hand, ABC News reports, “DeSantis said the confrontational moves were a message to President Joe Biden and Harris to do their “damn job” and secure the border.”

At this time, the situation is still ongoing.

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