NFL Week 3 Review

The NFL 2022-2023 season is off to a very unpredictable start. With a new season comes new opportunities and new challenges for each and every player, coach, and team. That has been blatantly obvious through three weeks of the season, as teams are still trying to figure out how their seasons will go. Some teams are exceeding expectations and playing at a very high level. While other teams are playing at a much lower level than most people expected. This is the recap of week three in the 2022-2023 NFL season.

Steelers v. Browns

Week three kicked off with a divisional rivalry on Thursday Night Football. The Browns emerged victorious in a close defensive affair, holding the Steelers offense to under 20 points for now the third time this year. The Browns running game was stellar against the Steelers, as running back star Nick Chubb had 113 yards to go along with a touchdown against a bad Steelers run defense. Kareem Hunt also added another 47 yards to the run game, and broke many plays into the Steelers’ secondary. The Browns look good without star quarterback Deshaun Watson, as Jacoby Brissett played a textbook and efficient game, adding 220 yards through the air and two touchdown passes to dominate this Steelers defense. The Steelers are struggling to score, but with the loss of T.J Watt, this team should be expected to lose games. They are now 0-7 without the reigning DPOY.

Bills v. Dolphins

Sunday kicked off with one of the biggest upsets of the week, with a score of 21-19, the Dolphins beat what looked like one of the best teams so far this season. .Josh Allen played an incredible game with 400 passing yards and 2 touchdowns, but the Dolphins defense held them out of the end zone on more than one occasion to take the win. The Dolphins defense certainly won them this game, as quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had what seemed to be a very serious injury, but he later would return to this matchup. The talk of this game was certainly the controversy at the end of the game. The now famous “butt punt” resulted in a safety that gave the Bills a 2 point deficit and the ball back to attempt another game-winning drive. But the Dolphins defense yet again won them this game, keeping the Bills out of scoring distance and ultimately closing out maybe the best game of the week.

Raiders v. Titans

Sunday was a good day for the Titans. While not only getting their first win of the season, they were able to get star running back Derrick Henry involved for what seemed like the first time this season. Henry had 85 yards on top of his first touchdown of the season, and he certainly looked like the focal point for this offense as he used to. The Raiders now fall to 0-3, and they certainly are starting to look like one of the worst coached teams in the league. The Raiders are now at the bottom of the AFC West, and if they continue the play the way they are currently presenting, it may very well stay that way. Look for them in upcoming weeks, as they have two division rivals back to back in weeks four and five. This team certainly is not reaching the hype they accumulated in the off season, but with stronger defensive play and a few coaching changes, this team can be elite.

Lions v. Vikings

One of the many divisional games this week was the Lions at the Vikings. The Lions started off strong, holding the Vikings offense to just 14 points going into the fourth quarter. They also contained receiver Justin Jefferson to just 3 catches, which is shocking considering the state of this defense. The Vikings ultimately led fourth quarter comeback as Kirk Cousins led this team down the field to get two late game scores. This division is a close competition. With the Vikings, Lions, and Packers all looking like they could contend for the first place spot in the NFC North. All three teams are explosive on the offensive side of the ball. Expect more than one team to make the playoffs in this division.

Chiefs v. Colts

The Chiefs visited the Colts this week, and Andy Reid’s curse against the Colts continues. Andy Reid is now 2-10 against the Colts throughout his career, and he is yet to beat the Colts as the head coach of the Chiefs. The talk of the game was the two defenses, as both teams held each other to just three hundred yards. The Colts haven’t looked like the team they were last year, but this game was a statement by the Colts. This game was well coached right down to the end of the game, and the defense really stood this explosive Chiefs offense up on third down. Quarterback Matt Ryan played a phenomenal and textbook game, as he led this team to a game winning touchdown to close this game out in the fourth quarter. The Colts are now second in the AFC South, and are looking forward to a game against a divisional rival, the Titans. This game will start to set a tone for who will win this division, as the Jaguars look much improved from last season, and both the Titans and Colts don’t look like their previous selves. 

Packers v. Buccaneers

The Green Bay Packers v. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers game on Sunday was close with a score of 14-12 with the Packers surprisingly beating the Buccaneers. Both defenses played a very good game, but the Packers’ offense just played better. QB Aaron Rodgers threw two touchdown passes to Romeo Doubs and Allen Lazard. Next week the Packers will be facing the Patriots at Green Bay. The Packers should beat the Patriots, which will put them at 3-1. The Buccaneers might be playing the Chiefs, as their game is in Tampa, which is expected to get major flooding due to Hurricane Ian. If they do play, it will be a very close game.

Giants v. Cowboys

The week came to a conclusion on Monday Night Football, as division rivals met in a close game. It was a good game with a score of 16-13, the Cowboys prevailing by three points. The Giants defense was struggling most of the game, as Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliot got a combined 178 rushing yards. The Giants are now 2-1. Next week, a Bears team that has struggled this far into the season will visit the Giants at their stadium. After a tough loss to a divisional opponent, the Giants will be needing to win this game to get back on track. The Giants could win this coming week’s game if their defense plays a better game, as the Bears offense is not great.

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