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Schools are Trying to Protect Kids’ Mental Health Before it is Too Late


Many teachers and principals have said kids’ mental health has gone from ¨bad to worse¨ especially over the past two years with the pandemic. A poll was taken in April and ⅓ of the parents who took it are starting to say they have noticed their child showing signs of anxiety and depression. People are starting to demand help for kids.

In Minneapolis, ¨educators went on strike this spring for more than two weeks, finally settling a deal that doubles the number of nurses and counselors in elementary schools and provides a social worker in every school.¨ Mental health is finally starting to be addressed in many schools this school year.

The Washington Post says, ¨only about half of all schools said they were able to effectively provide needed services.¨ This means many kids worldwide have to suffer through school without their issues being confronted.  

The needs for students’ mental health are not being met. Many people – adults and young people alike – don’t pay attention to mental health until it is far too late. Just last week, a student from Wendell Middle School commited suicide at school. Austin Pendergrass (13) was bullied, according to what his aunt told WRAL.  This topic is quite important because that kid’s parents had to get a call saying they sent their kid to school and that he’s not coming back. It is truly heartbreaking to hear.

Now what can parents do to help their children? The CDC says parents can help by doing a total of ¨Communicating openly and honestly, including about their values.¨ or help with homework it can get overwhelming at times. Check in with teachers to make sure your kid is doing okay.  

This is only a little bit of knowledge on what is happening today about students’ mental health. If you or anyone you know ever needs help you can text or call the number 988 which is a new mental health hotline implemented in many states or contact National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255).

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Schools are Trying to Protect Kids’ Mental Health Before it is Too Late