Week 11 College Football Bewilderment

Week 11 was a wild week filled with upsets that took everyone off guard and should have turned the rankings upside down. I’m no expert, but I certainly didn’t believe what I saw when I checked ESPN. Clemson (previously ranked number 2), Michigan (previously ranked number 3) and Washington (previously ranked number 4) were all beaten in this wild week of football.

Washington was previously undefeated. On November 12, they played the University of Southern California (USC) in a huge game where USC won 26-13. This game started out going back and forth, however, an early lead for USC boosted the morale, and this game soon became one-sided. This game just consisted of mistakes made by Washington, which eventually led to a loss. This included a missed field goal and a late game safety.

Michigan was also undefeated going into week 11. Their opponent was Iowa. This was a close game until the end, and eventually Iowa pulled out a win. This game looked like a Michigan blowout from the beginning. Iowa didn’t give up, however. A safety and 3 field goals put Iowa down by 2 points. Iowa marched the ball up the field, but Michigan had a 13-11 lead with 3 seconds left. Freshman Kicker Keith Duncan kicked a 33-yard field goal as the clock hit zero, handing Michigan their first loss of the season.

Clemson was another undefeated team that fell victim to an unranked team. They played Pittsburgh and were stunned with their first loss of the season. This game went back and forth, touchdown after touchdown. Clemson took the lead off a missed PAT and later a missed 2 point conversion. This didn’t slow Pitt down as the game progressed. With 6 seconds left, Clemson had a 40-42 lead. Some thought it was over, but everyone was shocked when Pitt kicked a 48 yard field goal and won the game.

These were the major upsets in week 11, but people overlook the fact that Ole Miss beat Texas A&M (previously ranked eighth) and Georgia beat Auburn (previously ranked ninth). These should’ve all turned the rankings upside down, but Michigan is still ranked third, Clemson is ranked fourth, Washington is ranked sixth, and Texas A&M and Auburn are both still in the top 25. This definitely shouldn’t have happened, as other top 25 teams are unranked after their losses now.

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