Radford wildfire is 1 of 13 burning in California

A 1,000-plus acre wildfire has been burning in Big Bear National Park for 11 days, it is close to being contained after rain from Hurricane Kay helped fight the blaze.

The Radford fire is almost contained, with 87% of it contained. Radford started at Barton Flats, an area South of Big Bear Valley in Southern California, on September 5 around 1:30 pm. The blaze grew to 1,079 acres within a couple of days.  Authorities still don’t know what started the fire.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated. As of right now, the fire hasn’t caused any injuries or casualties. The fire is expected to be contained by September 30th, 12:00 AM. 

Hurricane Kay has helped with putting out the fire because of rain showers hitting San Bernardino. Record rainfall between four to five inches helped to put out the fire and drop temperatures in the affected area. Firefighters were concerned about high winds but the rain put out the fire before the winds impacted.

All the warnings for the wildfire have been lifted for the surrounding and nearby areas. There are still wet conditions and can become an issue for hikers, driving, falling trees, debris flows, and rocks. Big Bear is expecting its weather conditions and temperature below its normal average. 

There are currently 13 wildfires burning in California 


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