The Future Student Leaders for Cleveland High School

As the 2021 – 2022 school year ends, who will be the next Student Council officers? Each grade level has a corresponding Student Council branch, and the fifth branch, the Executive Council, is welcomed to all grade levels, which governs all grade levels, and its primary goal is to maintain school spirit. The Freshman Student Council will not be elected until the beginning of the next school year. Here are the future student leaders:


Executive – Caroline Lee

Senior – McKinley Strickland

Junior – Anthony Posada

Sophomore – Kate Townsend 


Vice Presidents:

Executive – Abby Davis 

Senior – Marissa Colbert 

Junior – Adrianna Vigil 

Sophomore – Brandie Williams 


Event Coordinators:

Executive – Lydia Simmons

Senior – Parker Lee

Junior – Talan Brown 

Sophomore – Mally King



Executive – Hannah Lewis 

Senior – Christina Diano 

Junior – Chinonso Nnani 

Sophomore – Claire Stonebraker



Executive – Kenleigh Raynor 

Senior – Peyton DeSimone 

Junior – Lauryn Estep

Sophomore – Susannah Piatek 

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