Mass Shooting in Buffalo, NY kills 10

An 18 year old man, Peyton Gendron, drove over 200 miles to shoot and kill 10 people and wound three at the Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, NY Of the 13 people who were shot, 11 were Black.

The shooter had several options on where he wanted to attack, such as an elementary school or a church, but he ultimately chose the grocery store because of the number of people that go there every day. He researched popular times on Google so he could plan to go to the store when it was at its busiest point. 

The gunman started his attack in the parking lot, wearing tactical gear and body armor, as well as the camera on his helmet recording the incident. He used an assault weapon, decorated with an anti-Black slur. He shot at four people outside, killing three and leaving one wounded. He then entered the grocery store, broadcasting the footage live on Twitch. A security guard fired multiple shots at the gunman. Unfortunately, his gear protected him from the bullets, and the gunman shot and killed the guard. The gunman returned to the front of the store, where he was met by Buffalo police. At one point, he held his gun to his neck, however, the police persuaded him to drop the gun. The gunman removed his body armor and gear, surrendered to the police, and his rampage ended.

According to documents, Gendron planned to continue his rampage if he was not caught. He was targeting “another large superstore.” Search warrants uncovered that he was studying previous hate attacks and mass shootings. 

Gendron faces first-degree murder charges for all 10 deaths.


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