Have You Ever Heard of “The Summit” in the Competitive Cheerleading World?

The summit is a national global competition that was founded by All-star Varsity in 2013. It gives all athletes in the non-world divisions a chance to compete against the best of the best teams globally and provides an adrenaline-racing amazing experience for all competitive dance and cheerleading teams. It’s an opportunity that’s not just handed out it definitely requires blood, sweat, and tears. It’s too good of an event to be brushed off and unnoticed. 

This year’s summit was big because there were complications the past two years while working around Covid-19. Some athletes have had to finish their senior years with no chance of competing in Worlds or the Summit events due to Covid-19. The 2022 summit competition has been somewhat back to normal and given excitement just like it was pre-Covid. In order to qualify for the “Summit,” athletes have to receive bids or win the competitions leading up to the Summit itself while paying the expenses. 

There are three different types of bids a paid bid is a bid paid in full where there are no expenses, and the team that received the bid does not have to compete in the preliminary round to go on. An at large bid is a bid where no expenses are paid, but the team does not have to compete in the preliminary round to attend. The last type of bid is called a “wild card” bid. This bid is given to those who enter into the wild card round, and if they win, they receive a bid and advancement to the final round, but they have to pay expenses for the bid as well as to be placed in the wild card round. 

Nearly 1,000 teams competed in the Summit this year. The competition takes place at Walt Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports. As cheer evolves, it becomes harder and harder to receive these bids because the skill level is getting higher, and overall it’s becoming more competitive. The more attention brought to the event itself, the more we can help less fortunate teams. If you pay attention to these teams who receive these bids, they’re in a better position than other teams who work just as hard. 



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