CVHS Gaming Club

When it comes to clubs at Cleveland High School, students have a wide variety of different options. Gaming club is one of the great clubs at Cleveland but there is so much more to it then what its name may lead one to believe. 

Gaming club is split into two different sections. One classroom is mostly dedicated to critical thinking chess games, with everyone in the room silently planning out their next move. In stark contrast with the chess room, the gaming room across the hall is filled with members enjoying each other’s company, yelling, laughing, and of course playing games. 

Club members like Emma Hinton describe gaming club as “Chaotic and loud but very friendly.”

“A lot of people just come in here to vibe and talk about games,” added Emma who soon will be leading one of gaming club’s many Dungeon and Dragons campaigns. And although the gaming club is advised by Mr.  Bono and Mr. Sheppard, it is actually  student-led with elections for a club president happening during the second week of march. Alexander Kaliciki is one candidate running for president, campaigning under the name “Richard Dixon”. “ I love my experience in the gaming club. if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t be running for president.”

On the other side of the gaming club, the chess scene is very prominent. Experienced chess players and new ones battle it out on the boards, mastering their strategic thinking skills. “Honestly you don’t have to be good at chess to play” stated Brandon Lopez, an avid member and chess player. “It is something that involves your brain, having to think of strategies to get the win, it is something that I encourage people to try.”

Newer players to chess like Ashlynn Davis find the club welcoming. “This is something new for me and it’s a good learning experience, the whole environment is encouraging and welcoming”. 

If you want to participate in an exciting adventure of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, have an intense brain teasing chess battle, or just have a good time with others then the Gaming club is for you. The gaming club meets every Thursday during Ramtime B and is always open to new members. 

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