Chimpanzees using bugs as a form of medicine. Too good to be true?

The idea that modern humans evolved from similar ancestors of chimpanzees and monkeys is profoundly known, from science classrooms to the science community. With this debate still ravaging the science community, new research proves that we humans come from similar ancestors of chimpanzees and monkeys. 

Over a year of researching and studying the behavioral functions of chimpanzees, researchers in Loango National Park in Gabon, located on the west side of Africa, noted that chimpanzees applied medicine to themselves and to other chimpanzees.

It was observed that these chimpanzees used small bugs as a form of medicinal treatment for open wounds. The Chimpanzee would first catch the bug, squish it with their lips, apply it to the wound, and lastly remove the bug from the exposed wound after repeating the process several times. 

This new information is huge for the science industry because it has never been observed of chimpanzees applying medicine to other chimpanzees. It has also never been seen of animals using insects to cure and treat wounds. This new research gives the scientists reason to conclude that these animals can show empathy toward each other. 

With this research being presented to the science realm, questions have risen and will continue to remain unanswered until further research is conducted.

This is a stepping stone for what can come in the future of human relationships with not only chimpanzees but with other animals and species. 

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