Tick Tick…Spider-Man!

Academy Award winner Andrew Garfield had an impressive year in 2021 with the Hollywood blockbuster “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which some would consider the most popular movie of 2021. But did you know Andrew Garfield starred in another movie for which he was nominated and won a Golden Globe?

Garfield’s highly speculated and anticipated return to the Spider-Man franchise is one of the many reasons for “Spider-Man: No Way Home’s” astounding success, pulling in $1.5 billion dollars globally and breaking many records. Although his involvement in the film was kept top secret for many months, fans were still on the edge of their seats to see if rumors and leaks were going to be proven true. Garfield never did any official press for “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” but nonetheless was bombarded with questions on whether or not he would appear in the film. Most likely fearing the iron fist of Marvel Studios president, Kevin Fiege, Garfield dodged these questions and accusations to the best of his ability. 

However, if Garfield wasn’t doing press for “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” then what movie was he promoting? In most interviews, Garfield was promoting “Tick Tick… Boom.”  

“Tik Tik…Boom” is a drama, comedy, musical, biopic where Garfield plays the late musical theater writer Jonathan Larson. “Tick Tick… Boom” is Garfield’s first ever musical, and more impressively, his first ever singing role in any production. The film has been nominated for many film awards including two Golden Globes. Garfield won best actor for one of the Golden Globes. 

If “Tick Tick… Boom” was this much of a big deal, why is it that no one knows about it? Well, there are many answers to this question. First is that “Tick Tick… Boom” was not released in theaters worldwide, like “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” nor did it have an incredible advertising budget and campaign like “Spider-Man.” The corporate giant of Marvel Studios and all its backings were simply too much, even for a star studded cast movie like “Tick Tick… Boom.” 

“Tick Tick… Boom” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home” are both great movies in their own right, and both have their own grand achievements in the movie industry. I would recommend giving these movies a watch if you haven’t already, and enjoy each of them for what they are and for what they bring to the movie industry. 

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