Trendy 2021 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a day to show off your creativity. The day you can dress as idiotic as you want and no one can judge you. Some people stay at home and stare at a TV screen while waiting for kids to collect candy. Some people run around neighborhoods with friends and spend all night causing mischief. Either way, dress up and have fun.

Marvel characters are a good costume idea. There are a lot of people on social media planning to dress up as Marvel characters. Wanda Maximoff’s costume in episode six of the Marvel series “WandaVision” as Scarlet Witch, which was told to her kids she was a Sokovian fortune teller. Other Marvel inspired costumes are Yelena Belova and Natasha Romanoff, the widows of the MCU. This trend became popular after the film “Black Widow” was released. “The Falcon and Winter Soldier” will definitely be an iconic duo while trick or treating this year. The Falcon is now known as Captain America with a different suit in the films. There are many Marvel characters to be inspired by so you definitely will be seeing a lot of them.

There are other fun and simple Halloween costume ideas. My friend is planning to go as a fairy. A fairy would be quite simple unless you are like my friend who is planning on going to the full extreme. A cat is the most simple it can get. The most you would need is a black or whatever color is pleasing outfit, liquid or pencil eyeliner and cat ears. A bat is similar to a cat costume. You will need a black based outfit, wings and fangs.  

Iconic duo ideas are always fun to do for Halloween. The most popular one you will come across is an angel and the devil. The devil and angel duo has been popular for a while, and honestly, I would say it is kind of getting boring. But it’s still a fun costume to do with a friend. A dark angel and an angel is something else to do is another option. SpongeBob and Patrick is a fun duo to participate in. If I was to dress up as Patrick, it would simply be to paint myself pink. 

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