Week 5 Was a Good Week for NC College Football

The Tar Heels played the Blue Devils on September 2 at home. The Heels had a 83.8% chance of winning from the start according to ESPN. According to 247sports, Duke has the ability to grind some against the North Carolina defense, but the Blue Devils’ secondary and its inability to play a fully consistent game in either of the last two weeks is a worry.

247sports predicted the outcome of the game was North Carolina would win 48-31. Carolina took control of the whole first half, scoring three touchdowns and a field goal while Duke didn’t score at all the whole half. Ty Chandler caught a 75 yard pass from UNC quarterback Sam Howell in the last seven seconds of the first quarter.

The Tar Heels dominated the second quarter, scoring three touchdowns. The first was scored two minutes into the quarter by Trey Morrison, who ran in a 63 yard fumble return. The second was scored half way through the quarter by Kamari Morales, who caught a two yard pass from quarterback Sam Howell. The last score of the first half was scored by UNC kicker Grayson Atkins, who kicked a 28 yard field goal. The Heels had a 99% chance of winning at the half according to ESPN halftime reports.

There was really no chance of the Blue Devils catching up according to newsobserver. Opening up the second half, the Blue Devils scored in the first minute. Scoring was Jalon Calhoun, who caught a 80 yard pass from Duke quarterback Gunnar Holmberg. The Tar Heels didn’t score at all in the third quarter but kept Duke from scoring any other points.

Going into the fourth quarter, North Carolina scored a touchdown when running back Ty Chandler ran for 14 yards into the end zone. Halfway through the fourth quarter, Sam Howell threw a 63 yard pass to Josh Downs for a touchdown. The final score was 7-38 with the Heels keeping the Victory Bell Carolina blue. Carolina ended the game with 21 first downs, 456 total yards, and no turnovers. Duke ended with 15 first downs, 308 total yards, and two turnovers.

“Carolina played better and wanted it more and that’s the reason they won,” said a Duke fan in a post on Twitter.

“Coach Mack Brown always says that he doesn’t care what losses we have during the season but always beat your rivals no matter what,” said announcers Mike Morgan and Kirk Morrison after the game was over.

Editor’s Note: The Tar Heels fell to 3-3 on the season with a home loss to Florida State on Saturday, October 9.

The NC State Wolfpack went up against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs on October 2, 2021. Before this game, the Louisiana Tech record was 2-2, while NC State’s record was 3-1. During the last few minutes in the first quarter, Devin Leary passed the ball to Christopher Toudle, who scored, allowing NC State to start off with 6-0 lead. Following Christopher Toudle’s touchdown, Christopher Dunn’s field goal attempt was successful, making the score 7-0.

With 13:23 into the clock of the second quarter, the Bulldogs scored. From Louisiana Tech, Austin Kendall passed the ball to Jacob Adams, who made a touchdown, tying the game up at 7-7. Each team didn’t give up, allowing each team to try hard. Still, within the second quarter, Christopher Dunn scored a 36-yard field goal with 5:42 on the clock. With the teams neck and neck, Louisiana Bulldogs kicker, Jacob Barnes made a 21-yard field goal.

The Wolfpack didn’t let this faze them. They were able to end the second quarter with a successful field goal attempt, making the score 13-10. Throughout the third quarter, NC State scored two touchdowns and two field goals, while Louisiana Tech only scored one field goal. This ended the third quarter 13-27.

Due to it being the fourth and final quarter, each team wouldn’t allow the other team to score. Only one team scored through the fourth quarter -Louisiana Tech. Although Louisiana Tech scored, the score ended as 27-34, with the Wolfpack winning.

“We did enough to win,” NC State coach Dave Doeren told ESPN. “It’s great, I guess, to not play great and to win a football game.” Even running back Rickey Person, Jr. believed at first they had a rocky start, but at the end of the day, they were able to come together and win. “

We need a bye right now,” Doeren said. “We’re definitely ready for one, physically and mentally.”

With NC State being ranked #23 in the nation, and with their win against Clemson on September 25, 2021, the Wolfpack have a lot to celebrate on their weekend off before their next game.  

The Mountaineers played the Georgia State Panthers on October 2 in Georgia. Appalachian State was predicted to win 84% over Georgia State according to ESPN pregame predictions. The game was controlled by Appalachian the whole first half with them scoring two touchdowns while Georgia State only scored two field goals.

Three minutes into the first quarter ,Nate Noel ran for 23 yards into the end zone and scored a touchdown for the Mountaineers. Both teams kept the other from scoring any other points during the first quarter. Going into the second quarter, the Panthers finally got some points on the board, with Noel Ruiz kicking a 23-yard field goal. Halfway through the second quarter, Appalachian also got some points in with Malik Williams catching a 33-yard pass from quarterback Chase Brice. Finishing out the first half, Appalachian State kept the Panthers from scoring a touchdown, and they kicked and made a 32-yard field goal. The score at halftime was 14-6 with Appalachian in the lead and having an 86% chance of winning.

“Georgia State had no answer for Appalachian State’s pressure,”  said the  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution halftime report. Appalachian dominated the second half even more than they did the first, scoring four touchdowns and a field goal, while Georgia State only scored one touchdown and one field goal.

Going into the third quarter, the Panthers were kept to a 22-yard field goal that they kicked and made. Appalachian State stayed in control the rest of the second half. Scoring was Corey Sutton, who caught a 79-yard pass from quarterback Chase Brice. The Panthers kept App State to a field goal in the last five minutes of the game. Kicker Chandler Staton kicked a 48-yard field goal for Appalachian. At the very end of the third quarter, Miller Gibbs caught a five-yard pass from Appalachian quarterback Jacob Huesman and scored a touchdown.

After the third quarter, Appalachian State now had a 99% chance of winning, and they would prove this point going into the fourth quarter. Two minutes into the fourth quarter, Christian Wells caught an 80-yard pass from Chase Brice and scored the touchdown. Right after that amazing touchdown by Appalachian, they scored again when Anderson Castle ran for 22 yards into the end zone for the touchdown. Finishing out the game, Georgia State scored with three minutes left in the game when Talique Williams caught a 66-yard pass from Panthers quarterback Darren Grainger. The final score of the game was 45-16 with Appalachian bringing home the win. The Panthers had 380 yards of offense but had three turnovers and lost two defenders on targeting calls in the second half that affected the game in the end. 

Week five for the Blue Devils was very tough. Going up against UNC was a challenge that ended with UNC Tar Heels taking the win against Duke the Blue Devils. The Blue Devils only scored once during the third quarter throughout the whole game when Gunnar Holmberg passed the ball to Jalon Calhoun, who scored an 80-yard touchdown followed by Charlie Ham’s extra point count. Duke’s offense wasn’t doing well this game. The Blue Devils are determined to not let this loss hold them down.

“We’ll learn from this, but we’ll put this behind us quickly in our preparation,” Duke head coach David Cutcliffe said to ESPN. “The difference in the game, to some degree, was their explosives vs. our explosives.” The Duke Blue Devils’ upcoming game on October 9, 2021, gives them a 32.7% chance to beat Georgia Tech. This may be a low chance of winning, but the Blue Devils are ready to face another challenge.  

Editor’s Note: The Blue Devils lost to Georgia Tech, 31-27, on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

The East Carolina Pirates took the win this week, October 2, 2021, against Tulane Football. The Pirates took over the first quarter, scoring two touchdowns and one field goal. Meanwhile, Tulane did not score throughout the whole first quarter, making the score 0-17.

At the start of the second quarter, Holton Ahlers passed the ball to Tyler Snead, who scored a 53-yard touchdown, followed by Owen Daffer’s extra point being successful. With 10:41 on the clock, Tulane scored with Michael Pratt passing the ball to Ygenio Booker, who scored a 16-yard touchdown. ECU ended the second quarter with a touchdown made by Rahjai Harris, the score turned 31-7.

Tulane scored two touchdowns and two, two-point attempts throughout the whole third quarter, while ECU scored none. With the score being 23-31, the fourth quarter began. The Pirates started off the fourth quarter strong, scoring twice within the first few minutes of the fourth quarter. The first score was a touchdown made by Rahjai Harris and an extra point count due to Owen Daffer. The second touchdown was made by Ryan Jones, followed by Owen Daffer’s extra point count again, turning the score to 23-45. With 7:05 left on the clock, Tulane scored, bringing the score to 29-45, but that didn’t remain long due to Keaton Mitchell making a 30-yard touchdown, and Owen Daffer making an extra point with only 1:06 left on the clock. This play ended the game, 29-52.

ECU started off strong, but during the third quarter, they began to slack off, scoring no points. That was fine, though because they were able to gain the momentum back, having the defense play a good game.

“Couldn’t be more proud of our players, couldn’t be more proud of our coaches, it’s just one tonight…” says ECU head coach Mike Houston, according to WITN. ECU’s game against Tulane was an amazing match. ECU didn’t back down through the game showing Tulane what they were made of. The next game for ECU is against UCF Knights, on October 9, 2021. Although the Pirates win prediction is 18.7% according to ESPN, they can, however, prove this prediction wrong and take the win. East Carolina’s future is looking at challenges, however, they can prove that they can defeat a challenge. 

Editor’s Note: The Pirates lost, 20-16, to UCF on October 9, 2021. 

College football week five was a very good week. Four out of the five teams in the area won. Each team is doing well and has been playing hard. With each team adjusting to their mistakes from previous games, the future for these teams looks very bright.

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