2021 North Carolina State Fair

In 2020, the North Carolina State Fair was held off because of the Coronavirus pandemic. This year it will be opening back up to the public. However, there will be a few notable differences concerning the rules and regulations of how it will be run. The vendors, rides, exhibits, public health guidelines, and much more have been adjusted to make it as safe as possible for the workers and the people who desire to attend. 


The State Fair will be open from Thursday, October 14 through Sunday, October 24. Although being vaccinated is not required to enter, vaccinations, masks, social distancing, and hand washing are all highly encouraged to the people who enter. Disposable masks will be available to the people who need them, there will be several outdoor handwashing stations that can be found around the fairgrounds, hand sanitizer will be provided, and benches, vendors, rides, exhibits, and picnic tables will be more spread out.  All of these changes have been put in place to make the fair enjoyable to everyone, but also to keep you as safe as possible. 


Since being vaccinated is not required for entry, the State Fair will be offering free COVID vaccinations. Cary United Methodist Church, Wake County Public Health, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, and FEMA have all joined together to be able to provide the vaccine to anyone who wishes to receive one. After being canceled in the most recent year, the North Carolina State Fair returns and will be a shift back to normality.

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