BTS’s new Single, “Butter”, Brief review

(¨Side step right left to my beat (heartbeat), High like the moon rock with me baby¨). A set of lyrics from the newly released single, “Butter,” by BTS. An hour after BTS premiered the music video, on Thursday, it had already amassed over 21 million views. Like last summer, they released the song “Dynamite,” and had astonishing views, but now they have smashed the record from that song with this newest single. Today, the music video sits at more than 140,000,000 views, and this video is reported to be “the fastest video ever to hit 10 million views.” 

The seven-boy band sang the whole song entirely in English. During a press conference from South Korea, the band members stated their goals for the new single is for it to be on Billboard Hot 100 and the Grammys. Another mention during the press conference by one member of the BTS group stated that “Butter” was quite simple; basing it on the summer, weather warming up and it becoming more humid. They also stated that there is a scene where each member danced in the elevator, and they were able to choose those dances. This was to show small charms and “personalities” of each member.

When watching the music video, it starts in a black and white theme and even has scenes of each BTS member with a mugshot. As the video progresses, the theme changes multiple times; from a bright toss of the colors blue, orange, pink, gold, purple and yellow. They even had a few times where the scenes switch back and forth to an elevator, a gym, and a stage with golden flashing lights underneath. With all this being said, it is no wonder why the music video has as many views as it does. Not only did looks take part, but reference did as well; the BTS members even spelled out the letters of ARMY and referenced them in their lyrics, (“Got ARMY right behind us when we say so”).

Overall, BTS is hitting new heights and is working harder to surpass the records they broke last year. They set goals and standards for themselves and their music, and it doesn’t look like they are playing. 


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