Band Hosts the First Concert in a Year

Since Covid hit, the virus has a damper on a lot of things, including band. The last time the band had an actual concert was March 2020. I wanted to know how a few of the members of the band felt about finally performing again.

Miranda Lewis, sophomore, trombone player and Savannah Brooks-Farrar, senior, flute/oboe player both spoke about how the concert put a fitting cap on the past 14 months. “It was a lot of fun to do something normal adjacent that I hadn’t done in over a year, and I really enjoyed getting to do it with my friends,” Lewis said.

“It felt almost normal to perform again. We were all together for once and we were doing what we all love to do, make music,” Brooks-Farrar added.

Because of Covid, there were many changes to everyday life. “We all wore masks and had covers on our instruments,” Lewis said. “The only major difference was that we had to wear masks to protect each other, as well as our audience. It was also abnormal to not have a huge audience to perform to, but I am extremely grateful for the one that we had,” Brooks-Farrar said.

It had been a while since everyone had to perform like that, so it could definitely be nerve wracking. When asked about nervousness, Lewis and Brooks-Farrar offered some insight. “Yes, because I hadn’t been in front of people or had to perform in a long time,” Lewis said. “I was a little nervous since I had a solo, and this was the first time I have performed in-person in awhile, especially since I have stayed virtual my senior year,” Brooks-Farrar said.

I was at the concert, but I didn’t perform. I did film some of the performances from the top of the auditorium. It was definitely a lot different that our usual concerts. Everyone did really well. Not everyone had been in school or had time to practice. I think things will start to get better, and maybe next school year we can finally have a full normal concert again.

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