Exam Week

             As exam week approaches, students are starting to get prepared for the end of the school year. Exam week will start off on Monday, May 24 and will officially be over May 28, as that is the last day to take exams. However, some students may be finished earlier than others according to their exam schedule. 

            Specific classes allow students to take their exams at home as a teacher-made exam. For example, civics and economics and earth and environmental classes are allowing students to take their teacher-made, at-home exams on Thursday, May 20. Classes where you have to take an EOC or CTE exam require that you must go to the building and complete the exam unless there are specific reasons as to why you cannot. For example, Math one and three, English two, and biology are all EOC tests which require you to take them in the school building during exam week. Some examples of CTE classes are Health Science one, Business Management one, and PLTW Principles of Engineering. These classes also require you to attend the test in person, at school at the given time.

            Once exam week is over summer break officially starts and students could not be happier. It has been a long, weird year adjusting to all the changes we have had to make due to COVID-19. Hopefully next year things will start to get back to normal as it has not been easy for everyone to adapt to this significant and sudden change.

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