Billie Eilish Announces New Album ‘Happier Than Ever’

Billie Eilish has announced her second album ‘Happier Than Ever’ will be releasing this summer on July 30, 2021. She released one of the new songs from the album on April 29, 2021, called “Your Power,” as well as the music video. The album is going to include two songs that have already been released in 2020 which are, “Therefore I Am” and “my future.” Eilish has also put out the album’s tracklist, which will consist of 16 songs. 

Happier Than Ever:

  1. Getting Older
  2. I Didn’t Change My Number 
  3. Billie Bossa Nova
  4. my future
  5. Oxytocin
  7. Lost Cause
  8. Halley’s Comet
  9. Not My Responsibility
  10. OverHeated
  11. Everybody Dies
  12. Your Power
  13. NDA
  14. Therefore I Am
  15. Happier Than Ever
  16. Male Fantasy

Billie Eilish wrote the album ‘Happier Than Ever’ with her brother FINNEAS. Back in February, Eilish said to Late Night host Stephan Colbert, “I don’t think I would’ve made the same album, or even the album at all, if it weren’t for COVID.” She went on, saying, “That doesn’t mean it’s about COVID at all, it’s just that, when things are different in your life, you’re different. That’s just how it is. So, I have to thank COVID for that, and that’s about it.”

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