COVID Vaccine Available for Anyone Over 16 in NC

As you may know, the Pfizer vaccine has opened up to anyone 16 years of age and older. It takes two different shots, three weeks apart. Many people I know who are of age are planning on getting it but others, however, are not.

 A local 16-year-old girl, Peyton DeSimone, attends Cleveland High School and said she is not planning on getting vaccinated any time soon. She stated, “I am going to wait to get the vaccine so I can see how it affects other people first.” There have been instances in which the vaccine has negatively affected patients, which can lead to people having second thoughts about becoming fully vaccinated. 

Another 16-year-old student, Ryan Marslender, who also attends Cleveland High School states, “I will get the vaccine because I know masks are reliable, so I’ll be able to keep people around me safe once I get the vaccine.”

I asked, “Do you think the vaccine is reliable and safe even with all the side effects?” Marslender replied, “No, I think that the side effects can sometimes be worse than the virus itself for certain people.” It seems he’s saying it’s a hit or miss for some people, but he’s comfortable enough to get it.

These students are a perfect example of the argument between getting the vaccine or waiting a little longer. Making a decision based on how you feel is the best way to decide whether to get the vaccine or not. At such a young age, you should have the say in the decision, and should not be forced to get something put into your body that may not be fully reliable or safe. 

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