Students’ Thoughts On School Next Year

This school year was different from past school years to say the very least. It was unexpected, and it has changed the ways of learning for students. The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected so many things- one of the bigger things being school. School was completely virtual at the start of the virus, and students have got to the point where they can now be back in the school but still have the option to remain online. That is not the only change for school that students have experienced. The school schedule has changed as well, giving students a shorter school day.

Cleveland High Junior Crystal Robertson is an in-person student and plans to stay in person next year if given the opportunity. Robertson thinks next year there should still be the option to stay virtual for those students who do not feel comfortable being in the building. Robertson thinks virtual schooling is definitely being taken advantage of, but everyone has learned to adjust to the online circumstances and are doing everything they can to have the best grades.

Cleveland Sophomore Logan Pleasant is finishing this year off virtually. He says he has learned virtually this whole year and believes switching to in-person classes with only five weeks left of school is not worth it. Pleasant thinks that the virtual schedule at the beginning of the year was more beneficial than the schedule students have now because it allowed more time and energy for students to learn. Pleasant is not sure what he thinks next year’s back to school plan should be. He says that plan will likely depend on the virus and if it gets worse or better. Pleasant thinks that if the COVID numbers go down, then students should be able to get more of a normal school experience, but if COVID is still bad by the time school is back in session, there should be no rush for students to be back in the classroom.

Yaneli Sanchez-Benitez says she thinks that next year students should all go back to school because it will bring more motivation to students to do their work. Sanchez thinks virtual students are taking advantage of being virtual in both a good and bad way. Students at home obviously have more resources, which are more helpful and beneficial to students. Despite that advantage, there is also laziness that comes into play, including not paying attention, not trying hard enough on work and putting in the best efforts. Sanchez says she speaks from experience when she says that it is very easy to fall asleep in live classes, especially the early ones. Sanchez is a virtual student for the rest of this school year and will most likely be returning to school in-person next year.

Alexander Nuenshwander says he is back in school as of now and plans on going back next year if given the chance and depending on how COVID is at that time. Nuenshwander thinks the plan for next year should still include the option to stay virtual or go to school because some parents may still be against their kids going back to school. He thinks some students are taking advantage of virtual classes by doing other things like traveling.

Sophia McNulty thinks next year’s back to school plan should be that everyone goes back to school normally, and depending on how bad COVID is, a mask should be optional or required. McNulty is currently a virtual student, but next year, she says she will definitely be going back if things are more regular. McNulty thinks virtual classes are making students lazy and less motivated because they are working from home, and there is less pressure on them.

Despite all the changes that students have experienced this school year, they have all been in this together and have adapted to the differences pretty well.

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