Extracurricular Funding During A Pandemic

Clubs and sports are key parts of high school as a whole. In order for these activities to occur, they need funding. Covid has changed the way the world gets money. Everyone seems to need it. This includes clubs and sports at Cleveland High School. 

One of the clubs at Cleveland High School is the Theatre Club. Theatre Club’s funding  goes towards everything needed to put on the two shows per year. When asked about funding Kelley Townsend, the club’s advisor replied, “We have never been given the money, there is no funding for the club outside of ticket sales. We also usually do summer camp, since we weren’t able to do Shrek and we were unable to do the summer camp, our funding has changed.” 

Due to Covid last year, the club was only able to put on one of the two shows. This year it could do neither and could not do any other fundraisers or events. Without these money makers, the club could see some hard times. “We don’t have any money, We aren’t able to get the return on the “Shrek” investment. Typically if you have the scripts for as long as we have they will charge. Since Covid I’m hoping that they will refund but otherwise is a huge loss,” Townsend says. 

With such a lack of funds, students may wonder what is the future for this club? Kelley Townsend responded with, “I am not sure yet, I am waiting to hear back from the licensing company, I am leaning towards a different show. Almost all of our “Shrek” people are graduating, and our returning cast wants a new show.” The club does seem to have a future even with such limited money, but it is still unknown what the future holds. 

Sports, on the other hand, are still receiving funds. They just happen to be less than what they were before. James Morris, the softball coach had this to say about it, “Money is tight. We essentially put off making big purchases for 1 year.” One of these big purchases that he mentioned is a new scoreboard. “We have goals for our financial resources each year. Our scoreboard is the oldest on the campus and needs to be replaced. This is a priority for our program.” Without the excess funds, it is looking like softball will have to do without for at least another year. It doesn’t help that ticket sales have gone down. “Ticket sales have gone down in most sports due to Covid restrictions.” says James Morris

Money for both clubs and sports are tight. They are putting off purchases and trying to figure out what will occur in the future. It seems to all depend on someone else. Students can only hope that money will come through for their favorite clubs and sports and support them in whatever way they can. 

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