North Carolina Theaters Plan A Reopening

Since early 2020, movie theaters have been closed due to COVID-19. Everyone was left to watch movies online all throughout the pandemic. Some of the theaters that are currently closed in North Carolina and planning to reopen are: Regal North Hills (Raleigh), Regal Starlight (Charlotte), Regal Baltimore Grande (Asheville) and Regal Mayfaire (Wilmington). 

Current senior student at Cleveland High School, Jorge Marquez-Sanchez says, “If it is actually safe to return to the theaters, then I will most definitely go and enjoy a movie.” 

The theaters in North Carolina are very spacious so usually many people can be in one theater all at once enjoying the same movie, sitting next to each other, eating their favorite movie snacks but COVID-19 has prevented that.

Once theaters reopen in May, there will be limited capacity, and precautions will be taken. Although, not all theaters in North Carolina will reopen in May. Well known theater “Raleigh Grande” will reopen in October, as well as “The Rialto Theatre.”

Editor’s note: the closing of movie theaters and delaying of major movies in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic has had a profound impact on movie scheduling, releases, and theaters and their employees. NC currently allows theaters to operate at limited capacity.

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