Spring Break 2021: The Scribe Staff’s Experiences

Spring Break is a time for students and teachers to take a break from school and work. This year the Scribe staff were also able to enjoy the week off. 

The staff took day trips to the beach, relaxed, played sports, watched TV shows, and slept in.

I got to celebrate Ace’s, my dog’s, birthday. My sister baked him a cake and my dog had a puppuccino from Starbucks. Seeing him devour the treats made me laugh and smile,” said Anthony Posada.

Harrison Capps, senior, said, “My favorite part of spring break was my day beach trip on my day off [from work]. I just got to hang out with some of my oldest friends and have a great time at the beach.”

Usually Spring Break is filled with trips to the beach, parties, and big Easter gatherings, but the effects of the pandemic are still being felt.

Due to COVID, I don’t see myself going out in the public,” Posada said. “Normally, I would go out with my family on a trip. Currently, I see my family staying home, away from everyone.”

It was challenging for people who wanted to travel over the break since some places have capacity restrictions and some places are still not open.

Jayden Renteria said, “Spring break plans are different because the places people can go are restricted, so is the amount of people that can go.”

The week long break also offers a time for students to work on their mental health and enjoy time away from the school environment.

“The most beneficial thing for me was having time to focus on my mental health. This year has been hard, and while I may have been working the whole week, I took my time off to focus on myself and keeping my mental health up,” Capps said.

Posada said, “Spring break allowed me to relax my academic aspect of my life and for me to focus on the other aspects of my life.”

The break also gives time for students to step away from Google Meets and screens. “Having a break will benefit me by giving me a chance to use technology less since school is online and constantly looking at screens,” Renteria said. 

Overall, spring break is a great time for students to hang out with friends and work, but also have a break from technology and focus on mental health. Even though traveling for spring break 2021 was a little different, students were still able to benefit and have a nice break from school.

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