NCAA Weight Rooms Spark Controversy Over Equity in Sports

The world today is incredibly different from how it used to be, but there are always things that seem to reflect life the way it used to be. One major thing that has been doing that lately is all of the discrimination all of our minorities are experiencing. One of the more recent examples of this is the lack of equity seen during March Madness. Men and women came to play the sport they enjoy, and women arrived only to be discriminated against in the work out rooms. 

Women’s work out rooms were equipped with just dumbbells all under the weight of 30lbs and a stack of yoga mats. Men’s work out rooms were fully equipped with training racks, bars, plates, dumbbells, and benches. Side by side pictures of these rooms went viral all over social media. Oregon Ducks player Sedona Prince posted a Tik Tok video expressing the issue. She specifically showed the room, while explaining how the room was large enough for plenty of equipment but remained mostly empty. Once the controversy went viral, the NCAA worked quickly to fix the issue and apologize. 

Their apology came out along with more pictures showing even more inequalities. The men received full buffet trays of an assortment of food, where the women were given smaller portions along with fewer options. The gift bags also differed in size. The NCAA defended their choice in gift bags by explaining that the bags added up to similar prices. The food issue was fixed as soon as it was noticed. The issues may be fixed now, but that does not erase the fact it happened. 

Today’s world is full of women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ protesting for their own rights. The world is changing, and people are fighting to gain the same rights as everyone else. That’s why this was such an issue. It was another reminder that even though people are trying to be equal, they aren’t. The issue is fixed, but it should never have happened. The world is always changing, but this time it might lead to something good: equity.

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