CDC Announces New COVID-19 Recommendations For Schools

As more and more Covid vaccines roll out, the world is slowly (but surely) going back to normal. All over the country, we have seen events start to happen that wouldn’t have been possible six months ago (for example, the Homecoming game at our high school). 

On March 19, 2021, the CDC announced it would be changing the COVID-19 guidelines. Students in middle and high schools now only have to stay three feet apart, unless there is a large and dangerous spread of the virus in their city. Students in elementary schools, however, can stay three feet apart regardless of their city’s spread. 

They also removed the recommendations for a plastic barrier between desks, which was previously believed to have kept particles out of a student’s workspace. 

 “We don’t have a lot of evidence in their effectiveness,” leader of the CDC community interventions task force, Greta Massetti says.  

How do we know this will actually work? Well, according to the CDC, they have been testing these guidelines in some certain schools, and the results were better than expected. As the world opens up again, everyone is becoming more lenient with the precautionary measures we once had.

Of course, with a matter so serious and controversial, there are definitely mixed feelings about this. One parent, Lawrence Kleinman, says he would not send his daughter to school unless everyone was wearing masks and washing hands properly, which he states is “unlikely.”

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