Plan A: How Does It Work?


Back To (In Person) School

Starting April 12, JPCS will be starting what they call “Plan A.” This means that there will be no more cohorts, and students will attend school four days a week. Wednesday will still be asynchronous, and virtual students can still attend virtual school. For students who work better in person, this could be a life (or grade) saver. The schedule change could confuse students who are used to the one we have been using since September, so make sure to set your alarms. And for those who have been going in-person and now have four days of school, try not to overwhelm yourself. It might take a week or so to get used to Plan A. For virtual learners, it might be difficult to listen to the teacher via Google Meet while they stand up and teach the class. This can considerably impair learning, but virtual learning in general is much easier for some people. As long as teachers record their meets and post work ahead of time it should be no problem.

The Staff’s Perspective

I know many teachers have been dying to see their students in person, as most classes will have their cameras off regardless. This could improve the work environment for teachers as they now have multiple faces to put to names. As usual though, more kids means more things to pay attention to. Admin and teachers alike will have much more on their hands, and janitorial staff will also have more work to do between cleaning bathrooms and classrooms.

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