Gartin and Faulkner Crowned Homecoming King and Queen

Members of the 2021 Homecoming Court included Max Leary and Amber Faulkner for the freshman class, Sophia McNulty and Ryan McNamee for the sophomore class, Kyzaiah Stone and Crystal Robertson for the junior class, and Jamie Williford and Emma Franklin for the senior class.

Cleveland’s Homecoming King and Queen are James Gartin and Ashlyn Faulkner.

Although the Homecoming court looked a lot different than previous years due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, a few things stayed the same. 

The participants were still able to gather on the field as their names and plans were called out alongside family members.

“Changes made due to COVID-19 for Homecoming included wearing masks on the field and not being able to take pictures on the track after being crowned,” said Junior Princess Crystal Robertson. 

Many of the participants explained that the audience was smaller. Although, the game was sold out, and the support system of the Cleveland community was still there and widely shown. 

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