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Lady Rams Varsity Soccer Team Blanks Western Harnett 8-0

The Lady Rams varsity soccer team posted an 8-0 win over Western Harnett to move to 2-0-1 on the season.

On March 22, the Cleveland Varsity Girls Soccer Team played their third game of the season at Western Harnett High School. With the intent to win this game, the Lady Rams started with a fast pace right from the jump. On the starting lineup for the Lady Rams, sophomore Jada Sanders, number one, scored a goal within the first 15 seconds of the whistle. With the Western Harnett Eagles still being shocked by the intensity, sophomore Yaneli Sanchez, number seven, scored back-to-back goals in the first half leading up to a hat trick. Assisted by sophomore Nyjah Turner, number 20, and Jada Sanders. With the scoreboard going 3-0 in the twenty-third minute, confidence on the ball for the Lady Rams was high. As a collective team, everyone was moving the ball with tenacity, and the back four defense making very good opportunities with serving through balls. Around the thirty-fourth minute of the half, Yaneli Sanchez scored another goal assisted by freshman Grace Keighly, number 6. In the last five minutes of the first half, sophomore Laylah Gunter, number 24, scored a goal with the assist from Yaneli Shanez, ending the half with The Lady Rams up 5-0. 

Starting the second half of the game, the Lady Rams did not let up even with the incredible lead. While in the first five minutes of the second half, they communicated well, making sure of creating those one-two balls and switching the field accordingly. In the fifty-fourth minute, Jada Sanders scored an outstanding goal with the assist of Yaneli Sanchez. Following her assist, Sanchez managed to put the ball in the back of the net for the fourth time. Ending the half with a bang, senior Megan Bell, number 8, managed to put one last goal in with the assist of freshman Madelyn Shultz, number 2. With the overall score being 8-0, that concluded another win for the Cleveland Girls Varsity Soccer team. The Lady Rams are highly content with this win, but they know that there is a bigger mission to achieve, and that is to win the conference and excel in the playoffs.

The Lady Rams (2-0-1) play East Wake (0-3) on Tuesday, March 30.

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