CvHS Celebrates Women’s History Month

Every year during the month of March, we celebrate the fantastic contributions women have made to society. Women have invented lots of important things, started big and essential political movements, and overall crushed sexism in lots of places around the world. 

Cleveland High has made sure to show their support for Women’s History Month. For example, in the media center, Media Coordinator, Mrs. Haumont, has added quite a few things:  a “Girl Power” fiction collection, a collection of Women’s History Month digital resources and print books, an interactive display of famous women in STEM, and an exhibit to 100 years of women’s history, such as their rights to vote and other huge timeline events. 

Many teachers around the school have been doing small things to celebrate this month, too. Theatre teacher, Mrs. Townsend, has been showing her theatre students one actress every week. 

Reading this, you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal, anyway? Why is everyone so focused on recognizing this?” That question can be answered easily. It’s very important to observe this month because of the historical importance of women. It took women a very long time to fight for the right to vote, be able to enter the workforce, get married to another woman, join the military, and quite a lot more.

Women have to deal with a lot of difficult matters nowadays, too. Most women, especially young girls and teenagers, have to deal with lots of self-confidence issues and struggle with the harsh judgment that their peers can make. Women all over the world still have to deal with these kinds of things because their countries simply are stuck with a sexist mindset.

This month, thank all the women in your life that you appreciate and love. If you identify as a woman, be proud of who you are and celebrate the accomplishments of the amazing ladies who have brought us to where we are today.

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