Girls Varsity Soccer Looks to Build on Short, Successful 2020 Season

After the start of an amazing season going 6-1 in 2020, the Cleveland girls varsity soccer team thinks very highly of how the rest of their 2020 season would have turned out.

Many players on the team say that when they pulled out a win against Corinth Holders last season, they knew that the team was very strong and capable of winning other matches with the hard work being put in. However, on March 13, 2020, the Lady Rams heard the devastating news. Due to Covid progressing, the NCHSAA was forced to shut down all athletic activities, which put an end to the Lady Rams’ 2020 season.

With Covid restrictions high, it was up to the Lady Rams to make sure that they stayed fit and ready for any possibility of going back onto the field. During quarantine, the soccer team did many running and fitness challenges on their own to stay in shape and to get prepared for the upcoming season. At the beginning of November, social distancing workouts had begun. Only a few were held because of rising Covid cases. With the Covid vaccine out and the Covid numbers decreasing, it allowed tryouts to be held in March to start the 2021 Varsity Girls Soccer season.

Conference games will be very crucial to win this season because only 16 teams from each region can go to the playoffs, which makes it that much more competitive. The Lady Rams lost two of their more valuable players in the recent year due to Covid putting an early end to the 2020 season. But there have been no doubts about the new feet coming in to contribute their skills and techniques to help them not only win the conference, but also excel into the State Playoffs.

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