Third Vaccine for Case Surges

America’s New Tool: The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

With Covid-19 cases rising again, new rounds of vaccine were necessary to stop the surge. Johnson & Johnson have been working on their vaccine for quite some time now, and it has finally been rolled out to the public. This batch is one-dose, meaning if you get it you won’t have to go back for another shot. This could tremendously increase the attractiveness and accessibility for people. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky adds, “In addition, this vaccine does not need to be kept in a freezer and can be stored at refrigerated temperatures — so it is easy to transport and store and allows for expanded availability in most community settings and mobile sites, as supply scales up.”

How Mutant Variants Affect Vaccines

“There’s a kind of new urgency to [getting the vaccine out.]” Said Dr. Eric Rubin, who is a member of the FDA vaccine advisory committee and a Harvard professor of public health. It is especially important to continue the practice of safety precautions while vaccines are being rolled out, to ensure that mutant strains do not infect a multitude of people. The B.1.1.7 variant — the same one that has been ravaging the UK — is expected to surge in the US in just weeks time. There is a race to get as many vaccines out as possible. A downside is that the vaccine does not actually prevent you from getting Covid-19, it merely lessens the symptoms, which can be good and bad. A mutant variant with hidden symptoms could be devastating to someone’s health. This illustrates the importance of staying safe and practicing safety at all times.

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